To Cultivate And Curate

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June 2016

Seeds in the Sand

Our camp sat at the foot of the Jordanian rock face at least a mile away. By “camp” I mean the back of an SUV, a few sleeping bags, and a portable grill. I don’t know who had the brilliant... Continue Reading →


Saying “No” to “Yes”

A friend asked me, “Can you take me to the airport?” It seemed like a harmless request. I calculate in my mind, It takes 15-20 minutes to get there. I should calculate 45 minutes total for the whole trip. I... Continue Reading →

A Psychology of A Bookshelf

What if our identity isn’t as transparent and secure as we think? Could it be that we use possessions as props in order to project our ‘ideal self’? If your initial reaction is incredulous, than you and I share a... Continue Reading →

To Cultivate and Curate

Cultivate: v. to acquire and develop; often related to a quality or skill. As a farmer delicately selects seed, prepares soil, plants, waters, fertilizes and nurtures growth, so we want the content of this website to be a place of cultivation... Continue Reading →

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