Cultivate: v. to acquire and develop; often related to a quality or skill.

As a farmer delicately selects seed, prepares soil, plants, waters, fertilizes and nurtures growth, so we want the content of this website to be a place of cultivation and growth. We want to collect expressions of the Christians faith and nurture them in development as we explore faith in our lives.

Think of each link or book recommendation as a specially selected seed for planting. Each article as preparing the soil for planting, or perhaps the watering of what already has roots. As we write, share, and dream we hope that ideas, faith, and affections are cultivated into beautiful expressions of Christianity. Will you join us on this journey

Curate: v. to select, organize, and present.

Think of magazines, museums, and coffee shop soundtracks. Each of these contains a specific selection of words, works and rhythms designed to create an intentional experience for the user.

You might subscribe to Time or Sports Illustrated because you appreciate the curation of pictures, stories, and articles that the editors include on the pages.

A museum of ancient Egypt, Medieval Russian Art, or of the American Civil War contains statutes, artifacts, and pictures to describe to the attendee a certain era.

Sipping coffee in your favorite java joint unleashes a certain experience because of carefully selected music playing the background. Of all the potential music choices, this coffee shop chose this playlist to create an intentional culture.

This website is designed to be a place both to cultivate and to curate expression of the Christian faith. Will you join us on this journey?