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July 2016

Stimulating and Reflective Questions after a Church Service

  Last week, I wrote about the questions we ask after the church service here. Often, they reflect more of a consumeristic mindset than a Christian one. I want to provide believers with a few questions that reflect the purposes... Continue Reading →


The Language about the Church Service: Consumer or Christian?

The moments after Sunday morning service often involve determining where to eat, when to take a nap, perhaps watching a favorite sport or show. Perhaps in the car or over lunch, the question of “So, how was church?” or “What... Continue Reading →

Failing Forward

I am risk adverse. Maybe not as much as some, but for sure more than most. Perhaps you are risk adverse (maybe you prefer the term "cautious”). If so, than please hang with me. If you are naturally a risk-taker,... Continue Reading →

Graduation Surprise: An Unexpected Lesson from a Graduate

Graduation season is  now over. The caps, gowns, and the monotonous tones of "Pomp and Circumstance" have faded into the distant past. The tassels turned with pride are in an unknown location in a closet or box. For many graduates, the... Continue Reading →

Daily Investment

What if we treated time and activities like money? Those savvy with finances look to invest their money in bonds, stocks, or real estate to maximize their returns and build their financial net worth. Professional money managers devote their careers... Continue Reading →

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