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August 2016

Diverse Reading: Required not Recommended

It's the time of year when kids and adults alike are returning to school. College and graduate students will look through the syllabi to know what reading assignments are due in order to buy, borrow, or rent their textbooks. There is... Continue Reading →


The Art of Sex on TV

It was a typical evening in the Nyquist house. The kids had gone to bed and my wife and I were looking for a new TV show to begin. After a bit of browsing we decided to give Orphan Black a try. The... Continue Reading →

This is the second post about disconnecting.  The first post focused on four fears of disconnecting. I have encouraged us to think about “Disconnecting” as an intentional time of setting certain electronic conveniences aside for a period of time to be fully engaged... Continue Reading →

Four Fears of Disconnecting (Part One)

Technology provides seamless and convenient travel for globetrotters everywhere. It's the means for people to drive to the airport, fly to a distant land, take a train, taxi, Über, or use their shoes to walk to their desired location. As the summer... Continue Reading →

What Kind of God is this? The Story of Naomi

Where is God when everything crumbles? Death. Poverty. Famine. Forsaken. How does God respond to those kind of situations? Does he abandon? Does he hide? Ignore? Scripture gives a vivid picture of what kind of God the LORD is. Holy Bible,... Continue Reading →

Christians and Government: Five Timeless Reminders

“Never talk about religion and politics!” This is the generational guidance for maintaining social peace. It's supposed to keep things light and cordial. This article, however, combines the two (what am I thinking?)! My goal is to bring greater courtesy... Continue Reading →

Why Co-Author? Four Reasons we said Yes!

Most think it odd to start a blog with a co-author. The common approach for someone setting out is to launch your own website and start building a bit of your own brand/reputation. After all, that's how your name gets... Continue Reading →

Rebellious Church People

Culture is what people make and do.  It's the water that all of us fish swim in. What people affirm, enjoy, condemn, expect and participate in— that is the basics of culture. On a fundamental level, it's easy to understand how cultures... Continue Reading →

I am not a pastor

People go to seminary to become pastors. And most pastors have gone to seminary. Plot twist: I went to seminary and I am not a pastor. To increase the paradox some, I also went to bible college. Both my undergraduate and graduate... Continue Reading →

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