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September 2016

House Flipping and the End of the World

So much of our life is filled with disposable objects. Food. Clothes. Cars. Gadgets. I don't mean disposable as in one use and throw away. But these are items we use up over time - whether it be one use... Continue Reading →


Just For Today

In order to run a marathon, I need to train consistently - probably 4-5 days a week - for several months. On the first morning, I struggle to think how I could ever make it to the end of my... Continue Reading →

Four Ways Your Faith Matters in the 9-5

Like so many others out there, I daily search for meaning in my desk job. I don’t pastor a Church, teach at a seminary or Bible college, or work at a para-church organization. Rather I spend my 9am-5pm hours each day... Continue Reading →

“Daddy, do we have money?”

As we neared the exhibit of rides and activities my four-year-old son turned to me “daddy, do we have money?” I didn’t anticipate such an astute question from my little man. He could tell what was coming. What he saw... Continue Reading →

This Labor Day weekend, it is time to take a break from our work. Because we live in a world that loves to work. In 2014, the average full-time employee worked 47 hours a week. We love to work so much... Continue Reading →

Binge Culture

As we enter Labor Day weekend, it is one of the last weekends to barbecue or take the final vacation of summer. But, the extended weekend means more time to catch up with friends or watch the next episodes of Stranger... Continue Reading →

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