In order to run a marathon, I need to train consistently – probably 4-5 days a week – for several months. On the first morning, I struggle to think how I could ever make it to the end of my training schedule. I have to do this for how many days?

If I aspire to be a good writer I need to sit down and write (nearly) every day. For years. Skills come from years of practice. So I try for a few days and then get overwhelmed by the scope of what I am trying to do. Write every single day for years?

I want to be a humble man, dependent upon the Lord for my strength. I want my kids and those around me to remember me as that kind of man. But in order for humility to actually become a character trait instead of just an aspiration, it would take decades or at least years. Practice humility every day for decades?

I don’t have the patience to run for months, write for years, or develop character over decades. I don’t have the discipline to do that.

Instead, I just have to do it today.

Just for today, I am a runner.

Just for today, I am a writer.

Just for today, I will seek and practice humility.

I don’t know where I will be in a few months, years or decades, but I know where I can be today.

Today, I can pray for grace in the areas I can’t be patient in.