So much of our life is filled with disposable objects.





I don’t mean disposable as in one use and throw away. But these are items we use up over time – whether it be one use or one thousand – and we throw away.

We make something new, use it up, throw away, and then buy something new again.

But the objects in our life are telling us the wrong narrative. It’s rare we remake something – we prefer to throw them away.

House Flipping and the End of the World

Over the last month, posts on this blog have been slightly less often. One of the reasons for the infrequency is my fault. My wife and I recently purchased a 45 year old duplex. Very little of the house had been updated from the original finishes. Same old oven, dated light fixtures, flowery wallpaper, and unique flooring. A TV show might call this a “fixer upper”.

One option is to tear the house to the ground and rebuild. To treat it as disposable like the rest of the objects that surround us.

But we chose to renovate.

And as I have spent evenings and weekends ripping up carpet and painting, I am reminded of the gospel.

The Bible tells a story of creation, fall, redemption, and recreation.

Our world isn’t disposable like an old t-shirt or TV. God won’t dispose of this world and make a new one from scratch. Rather, the Creator made this world good. And, in His commitment to the goodness of this world, he will redeem, remake, and restore it. The brokenness of our world reaches its culmination in recreation, not destruction.

That’s how remodeling a house is like the end of the world.