You have a choice when faced with two ideas that are difficult to reconcile. Tension or conflict.

You can argue that “A” is versus “B.” That these ideas conflict and could never dwell in harmony. You must champion one over the other.

Or, you can assert another option: “A” and “B”. The ideas dwell in tension, but peaceful tension.

It’s the difference between pitcher and hitter, or two ends of a guitar string.*

In baseball, the pitcher and hitter are diametrically opposed to one another. Both cannot be successful, one must triumph over the other.

In music, the two ends of a guitar string are stretched and seem at odds with each other as they move in opposite directions. But, in the tension and the seeming opposition, the value of the guitar string is found. Only through tension does it play music.

Christianity is filled with many “A” and “B” ideas.

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*credit to Dr. Glenn Kreider for offering the guitar analogy several years ago.