Part 2 of 4. (See Part 1)

I learn many things from the TV box, the printed page, and Sunday pulpit. The majority of those ideas could fall under one of these two roofs.

A. Humans are capable and have so much more potential than we think.

B. Humans are unable and much weaker than we tend to acknowledge. 

Both the teacher of idea “A” and teacher of idea “B” assume I hold the opposite and aim to pull me to their side.

But, in what way do we reconcile these ideas?

Is it “A” over “B” as I so often hear in the consulting, self help, executive coaching, and high performance business world? The message is clear: you can reach beyond your potential and achieve tremendous results if you only have the right tools, habits, or psychological focus. Their words are compelling and their research is sound.

Or, is it “B” over “A” as is preached from the pulpits and pages of Christian literature? Mankind is depraved and sinful — overwhelmed by a complete inability to heal itself. Only the outstretching hand of grace pulls humanity out of its mire. It is when we give up the illusion of self sufficiency and human ability that we can rest on grace.

An over simple summation of these ideas is: Are you pessimistic or optimistic about humanity?

But, even our use of the word “or” in the previous line implies a versus mentality. Are we playing baseball or guitar?