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November 2016

On Lighting and Volume in the Worship Service

Sometimes I walk into a church service and can't help but feel disappointed when the music starts. Dim go the lights. The first song kicks off with a loud beat or powerful guitar strum. The sound races to find every corner of... Continue Reading →


Neighborhood Theology

There are many ways to affect someones life in small ways. Send a handwritten note. Offer to buy lunch. Give your friend a lift to the airport. Each of those things is influential and meaningful in its own way. But,... Continue Reading →

Cultural Creation and Business

We often speak about “culture” in regards to things like music, art, or social media. Without a doubt those items leverage great influence on “the stuff and feel” of our world. But, what if we also included business in that... Continue Reading →

Readings and Reflections for Election Day

Below are various Scripture, Hymns, and a prayer to keep our perspective and priorities on Election Day and all year round: (All Scriptures from the ESV translation) Romans 13:1-14 "Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is... Continue Reading →

The Danger of Satire

Satire is nothing new but seems to have gained momentum over the last decade or two. Satirical “news” sources, such as The Onion has duped more than one person unaware of the nature of their stories and the absurdity of... Continue Reading →

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