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December 2016

Three Reminders Why Jesus is Worth Celebrating (Part Two)

In the previous post, we were reminded Jesus' birth displays God's power. The stories of Mary and Elizabeth with their unlikely and impossible pregnancies demonstrate the power of God. There is a second reason Jesus is worth celebrating at Christmas... Continue Reading →


Three Reminders Why Jesus is Worth Celebrating (Part One)

Christmas is an exciting time of year. There are the "big" things like Christmas parties, gifts, a break from school, vacation from work, and time with family and friends that often leave us excited. Certainly there are those for whom... Continue Reading →

Christmas: To Give or Receive?

John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son...” Contrary to the advice of well-meaning parents around the world, Christmas is about getting not giving. I know what your mother or first grade teacher... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Ego Is The Enemy – Ryan Holiday

I just completed Ryan Holiday's latest work Ego Is The Enemy. For those unfamiliar with Holiday or writing, let me begin with a little background before reviewing this work (note: I have not read Holiday's other works, but I have... Continue Reading →

The Empty Holiday Chair: Two Reminders

As I looked around the Thanksgiving table last week and reviewed my Christmas shopping list, I noticed absences. An aunt and grandmother who have passed away. Additionally, my wife's grandfather ended his long battle with Alzheimers this fall. Our family is... Continue Reading →

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