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January 2017

A Prayer for Transition

My life is surrounded by people in transition. Friends getting married, others having children, working with those starting school, colleagues changing jobs, and for some they are moving into their first home or moving to a new city entirely. In transition there... Continue Reading →


No One Reads My Blog

No one reads my blog.* You too, huh? What are we supposed to do when no one reads our blog? Is it worth the time, energy, and stress? Should you quit? Should I? No. Are fifty readers worth it? Are... Continue Reading →

You Have No Self Control

The Holidays are bad for waist lines. We gather with family and feast on large amounts of food. Indulging our desires at the end of the year, while vaguely planning restraint for the beginning of January. As I joined my... Continue Reading →

Two Leadership Lessons from Brio Trains

One of my favorite memories from Christmas break was one morning that my wife and I watched our two-year old niece. Since we were at my parent's house, I looked around to find some of my old toys. I stumbled... Continue Reading →

Do I Want To Die?

I sat in the lounge of my college dorm with a dozen other guys. Our Thursday night tradition of pancakes had brought us together. This pancake night we had invited a theology professor to our floor for an evening of... Continue Reading →

Book Review: When Breath Becomes Air – Paul Kalanithi

When Paul Kalanithi finished college he dreamed of becoming a writer. When Breath Becomes Air, his first and only work, remains incomplete. After a couple hundred pages, the narration of Paul Kalanithi ends before his story does. The epilogue, written by Paul's wife, picks up... Continue Reading →

Why You Should Start Listening To Podcasts in 2017

Five years ago I encountered podcasts for the first time. In order to keep my finances afloat in grad school, I landed a job as a pool cleaners. Soon I found myself alone with a bucket, pole, and brush for... Continue Reading →

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