No one reads my blog.*

You too, huh?

What are we supposed to do when no one reads our blog? Is it worth the time, energy, and stress? Should you quit? Should I?


Are fifty readers worth it? Are a dozen? What about only three?

Yes. Because we do not write for the reader (alone). We write for ourselves.

We will continue to write whether one person reads, or one thousand.

If we quit, it reveal our true motivation. That the reason we wrote was to get readers and page views.

To hear applause from the bleachers.

But that’s not why you, or me, write.

Because we write to write.

We will write to get better at writing. Because writing is not a gift or a talent. Writing is a skill developed over time, with patience, appropriate feedback, and practice.

We will write because writing is difficult. We procrastinate, avoid, and excuse our way out of writing far more than we actually write. Easy is what we do when we avoid difficult work, but it steals our creativity and energy. Difficult stretches our creativity as we invest our energy.

We will not chase readers or page views. The more you chase the fox, the faster it runs and deeper it hides in its den. Readers are not to be chased.

We will not change our writing style or substance to gain more readers. Click-bait titles and “3 easy steps” structure will not increase real readers. More importantly, it will not improve our writing.

Eye-Catching is not the same as creative.

Skim-able is not the same as clear writing.

Bullet points are not the same as structured and cogent thought progression.

Seek the latter, not the former.

We will write even though we are scared, because the alternative is scarier.

We will continue to write, because discipline, not dreams, fulfills our creative desires (and we all have creative desires).

But listen to your words. Don’t let them become preachy, gimmicky, or SEO friendly.

When no one reads my blog, we will write because it allows us to make something new. Something that never existed before.

Put pen to page, and create new rhymes, phrases, and ideas.

The readers want to read.

But more importantly, the writers needs to write. Even if no one reads their blog.


*I mean no offense to my readers. “No one” isn’t exactly accurate. It’s not tens of thousands, thousands or even hundreds. My readers are probably best quantified as a “handful”. I think you get my point.