My life is surrounded by people in transition. Friends getting married, others having children, working with those starting school, colleagues changing jobs, and for some they are moving into their first home or moving to a new city entirely.

In transition there are tension points between optimism and anticipation of the future. The future is exciting and full of possibilities and where we believe our dreams will be fulfilled. However, we are not in the future but in the present. We have jobs to finish out. We have friends to spend time with. We have bills to take care of.

Over the last few weeks, my mind has been filled with these various thoughts, both for myself and friends. May this prayer serve as the starting point for praying in the tension of our future and present while in a season of transition:

Father, you know all things. Your omniscience is a deep source of contentment while many questions remain. Yet, your knowledge of all things is also a source of anxiety. I confess that I desire to know what you know so that I can feel in control and prepared for all that awaits me. Yet, you have chosen to graciously prevent my eyes from seeing all that is in store to awaken and deepen my trust of you. 

Thank you, Father, for your continued work in my life by your Holy Spirit. You have shaped and transformed me through joys and sorrows into the image of your Son and my Savior, Jesus Christ.

I ask, Father, that you would keep me content and faithful in the present. You have providentially and abundantly provided people and work for me to demonstrate your love to. Let me not miss a moment to exalt and emulate Jesus’ love.

Empower me by your Spirit to be faithful in the work that you have given me to do, not to please man or to be noticed. Rather, may my work demonstrate your love and be intent on exalting your name, not my own. Father, keep my heart from anticipating the future to the neglect of the present.

 I ask, Father, that you would shape and steer my joy to value you above all else. You are the One who has given me this person and opportunity to enjoy. In your mysterious and magnificent providence, you have directed me to this next season to steward your gifts and shower others with your love.

Thank you for this privilege. I find myself overwhelmed and uncertain at what is coming. This too is a gift of your grace! Keep me humble but confident in you alone as my true source of joy and comfort in all seasons. 

Father, grant me glimpses to see what opportunities await me but your grace to not overlook the opportunities you provide in the present. I entrust my present and future to you. 

I pray this all through your Son, Jesus, who is, and who was, and who is to come. I pray this through the One who is the same yesterday, today, and forever. I pray this through your Son and by your Spirit. Amen.