I could tell you I was busy.

I could tell you work left me exhausted and overwhelmed in our busiest time of year.

I could tell you ministry responsibilities increased and required greater attention.

I could tell you my wife and I were in the final months of pregnancy for our first child.

I could tell you we are in the first weeks of parenthood.

I could tell you facts why I have not posted for four months.

I could frame these facts in certain ways in order to gain sympathy and support.

Yet, I could also tell you my wife and I finished several seasons of Seinfeld.

I could tell you how clean our house was (remember the baby!).

I could tell you how our lawn was mowed and in order.

I could tell you how much sleep I received each night.

I could tell you the new endeavors I initiated at home and work.

Simply, writing on this blog was not a priority.

I have a list of future topics created over the last few months but not one of them has a single sentence written to this point.

I was haunted by a description of “regular” for this blog when posts were anything but consistent.

I had not planned to make this a quarterly blog but it happened.

I do plan to return to writing, both here and elsewhere, in the coming weeks and months.

Writing is a form of therapy for me. It allows me to process thoughts and theological topics in a manner which I am no longer forced to do after years of formal study.

I learned something over these past four months and it is this:

Excuses often shift the attention away from our misplaced priorities. Excuses may allow for short-term empathy. However, excuses may serve as a bouncer for responsibility and reflection upon the seriousness or silliness of our perceived and actual priorities.

Each of us makes time for what we value. I wanted to write this post and explain why I have not written to excuse myself from responsibility and ease the guilt of a neglected practice. At the core of my excuse was an unwillingness to acknowledge and accept that other activities and responsibilities were a greater priority for me than writing on this blog.

There are many events, people, and responsibilities I would gladly place as a greater priority than writing on this blog. However, I am prone to using those relationships and responsibilities to cover up the mundane and misplaced priorities in my life over these last few months.

I could tell you I will have another post within a week. But, the priority of this blog will reveal itself when/if the next post appears and in any subsequent posts.