I often come across as a laid back, easy-going kind of guy. I don’t get too worked up in situations. I take things as they come. My vocal tone is often monotone and steady. My facial expressions are often pensive looking (unless I’m around kids and then I turn into living emojis).

My wife and I are currently looking for a house to buy. We have talked with friends and family about their experiences to gain wisdom. We have talked with mortgage companies and a realtor for their expertise. We have gone to Open Houses to gain ideas. We have left work early to look at houses that just hit the market to be diligent. We have put offers on houses and one offer was even accepted! But, here we sit with folded moving boxes tucked behind couches almost taunting us.




I’m tired of waiting! This last year was a season of expectancy. Last year, we anticipated moving to a new city and serving in a new ministry. One year ago, we were nearing the end of the first trimester for our first child. Yet, here we are! We thought our season of waiting was over. It seems like a new season of waiting is just beginning but this time there is no due date!

Waiting often ends with joy, disappointment, or sorrow. The same is true of waiting on the Lord to show up. That’s why I don’t like it! There are no guarantees that waiting on the Lord’s provision or timing will automatically result in a “happily ever after” ending. Waiting on the Lord doesn’t mean that the process of waiting will be easy, short, or joyful either.

Waiting on God requires a willingness to live as a servant and not as a sovereign.

Waiting on God means I am not in control. That’s the real rub!  I like things in a certain order and at certain times. I am continually reminded that God does not work this way. To be honest, I wish He did.

As I think back over this last year of waiting, I am glad God didn’t operate according to my plan or timing. The Lord made clear we were to stay where we were and continue to serve in our present city and ministry. We waited a few days after his due date but our son arrived! We are not where we/I planned to be at this time last year. But, we know that we are exactly where and doing what the Lord has for us in this season.

Every moment of waiting on God is an invitation to deeper dependence and intimacy.

For me, there are often certain songs or albums that accompany various seasons in life Last year, I shared a song “Red Sea Road” that the Lord used to strengthen our faith. Sometimes we could sing along as an expression of faith and other times would let the words sink into our heavy, bewildered hearts.

A song came on recently and my ears perked up. As I listened, I began to resonate with the words of this song. The chorus of the song says:

“But You can do more in my waiting than in my doing I could do.”

For my active and impatient heart, it was a call to not take control but to wait in active dependence on God. It is a song for people who are “waiting” on God and “discouraged” by their circumstances. Like the Psalms, there is a “preaching to self” in the bridge telling our souls/hearts to “trust” and “wait” because the Lord is good.

Perhaps you are also struggling as you wait on God. You are not alone! Take a few minutes to listen to the words of “To Those Who Wait” by Bethany Dillon. Don’t let your hearts be “deceived” that the Lord is holding out on you. He “can do more in my waiting than in my doing I could do” and He can be trusted because He is good.