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Why I Don’t Like Waiting on God

I often come across as a laid back, easy-going kind of guy. I don't get too worked up in situations. I take things as they come. My vocal tone is often monotone and steady. My facial expressions are often pensive... Continue Reading →


Two Traits of People with Integrity

For the past few months, the news has been filled with questions, accusations, and indictments of people's character. Our politics are not immune. Our entertainment is infected. Our athletes are exploited. Close relationships, both dating and even of parents, reveal... Continue Reading →

A Definition of Worship

When I hear the word "worship" it often refers to music. Perhaps there are certain instruments (or lack thereof) or individuals leading with their eyes closed and hands raised when you think of "worship." Maybe there are lights, maybe even... Continue Reading →

How Do God’s People Lament?

There is often little to no room for grieving and weeping in the church. This theme was explored in the previous post. In this post, I want to explore "how" we go about lamenting or grieving as God's people. We... Continue Reading →

What the Church Should Learn from Pixar

In the last post, a good question to ask people is "What is your favorite Disney-Pixar movie?" My wife's family asked this question at our family reunion this summer. There were different categories for what could be considered "the best"... Continue Reading →

A Matter of Priorities

I could tell you I was busy. I could tell you work left me exhausted and overwhelmed in our busiest time of year. I could tell you ministry responsibilities increased and required greater attention. I could tell you my wife... Continue Reading →

Song: “Red Sea Road” Reflection

This past year has been one of transition and uncertainty. My wife and I embarked on the journey of applying for and considering a job transition in the fall. As the calendar turned to 2017, we discovered we were pregnant with... Continue Reading →

When God Answers Prayer…What Next?

"We often know what we are praying for but forget what we have prayed for. "

Christians, Deadlines, and Grace: Three Dangerous Implications (Part Two)

There are often unexpected implications with the way many Christians, both teachers and students, approach deadlines. In the previous post, I identified two dangerous implications for the way many Christian approach and apply deadlines, particularly within an education environment. In this... Continue Reading →

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