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Don’t Convince Me

I sat waiting for my flight at an airport gate when I overheard a phone conversation. It was one of those conversation that was loud enough and close enough you can’t not hear it. Sitting across from me was a... Continue Reading →


Pixar, The Past, and The Process

I propose a new icebreaker question for you next gathering with friends. “What is your favorite Pixar movie of all time?" The real reason to ask that question is so that you can ask the follow up question: “At one... Continue Reading →

What should we do with the Apostle’s Creed?

The Apostle’s Creed is one of the most ancient non-scriptural formulas of the Christian Faith. With roots going back to the mid second-century, this Creed has filled the lips of believers across languages, countries, and centuries. The Creed reaches far... Continue Reading →

Let Someone Else Pray

2014 was the worst year of my life. By the beginning of the year, my wife and I had been trying to get pregnant for several months. In the late winter and early spring my wife had two miscarriages. They... Continue Reading →

The Table and The Water: Uniting

*Part 3 of 3. Read Part 1 and 2.   I have had the honor of participating in several weddings. A few times standing as an groomsmen, once as the pastor, and once as the groom. Think back to the... Continue Reading →

The Table and The Water: Confirming

*This is part 2 of 3. Read part 1 here* From the Heidelberg Catechism, question 65: "It is through faith alone that we share in Christ and all his benefits: where then does that faith come from?" Answer: "The Holy... Continue Reading →

The Table and The Water: Confusing Church

Church is confusing. After centuries of believers gathering together, some of the practices that we regularly do are quite odd to the outsider. And often to the insider. At face value, baptism and communion are the two of the most unique things... Continue Reading →

No One Reads My Blog

No one reads my blog.* You too, huh? What are we supposed to do when no one reads our blog? Is it worth the time, energy, and stress? Should you quit? Should I? No. Are fifty readers worth it? Are... Continue Reading →

You Have No Self Control

The Holidays are bad for waist lines. We gather with family and feast on large amounts of food. Indulging our desires at the end of the year, while vaguely planning restraint for the beginning of January. As I joined my... Continue Reading →

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